NV-600 Ventilator
Product Introduction
  • Lower cost, compared to traditional ridge vent.

  • No need to increase the load-carrying ability of steel structure.

  • Switch available. As the exhaust vents close in the winter, indoor temperature will become warmer.

  • Mounting places are flexible. The length of ventilator can be designed, depending on the requirement.

  • NV600 Ventilator is mounted in parallel with the roof, which can lower wind pressure and potential of destroyed by hurricane.

  • Easy to cause air convection, which can provide a better working environment, since the distance between intake vent and exhaust vent is short.

  • NV600 Ventilators can also provide lighting. In this way, skylight sheets can be replaced instead of being fixed in a traditional way, which will cause leaking problem that usually happen at the joint places.

Detailed introduction